Migrafill Security International Limited

Protecting What Matters

Bahamas-based Migrafill Security International recognizes the importance of taking the steps to invest in safety and security measures. These security measures provide peace of mind for your family and property.

We hold our team to a high standard; choosing technically competent, fully vetted staff members to provide efficient security services tailored to your personal and commercial requirements. Our range of services including but not limited to: consultancy, risk assessment, training, security and bodyguard protection, receivership, patrol, and alarm response.

Migrafill Security International Ltd offers cutting-edge services to a range of Bahamian clients across various industries: Celebrities, schools, event organizers, persons holding office (public and private), essential and non-essential businesses, construction, restaurants and bars. Our security team comes with an unmatched level of experience in handling any situation.

We believe in staying up to date with the most effective security measures and techniques the industry has to offer, as well as continuous professional development and training for our security staff.


Security Guard Services

With over 35 years in the security industry, our industry-leading team has the qualifications and experience in all phases of security implementation. Migrafill Security International Limited offers an array of security services to its clients.

Our trusted uniformed security guards are highly skilled. They are prepared for emergencies or security breaches; following strict security protocols to handle compromising security situations with ease. Migrafill Security Group takes pride in establishing a high quality of frontline engagement to quickly and efficiently handle any security challenge that may arise.

When traveling throughout the Bahamas or making a public appearance, only the most established and experienced level of protection will do. Our Executive and VIP Protection services are the ideal solution for your needs. Experience unparalleled VIP protection from Migrafill Security Group.

Migrafill Security Group provides uniformed asset protection associates. Our staff prevents theft or fraud by developing and implementing safety and security measures for our client’s customers and employers. They monitor all operations with the help of surveillance cameras and equipment.

Uncertain of the level of security protection your home or business needs? Allow Migrafill Security Group to do a security assessment in order to determine what equipment and services would best suit you. We will work with you directly, advising you on a variety of options and standards for protection.

Migrafill Security Group has a specially trained Investigative Services Unit. If you have been the target of a serious crime such as assault, robbery, larceny, or burglary; we can assist you in a criminal investigation. We perform a thorough job exploring all avenues, working alongside the Royal Bahamian Police Department.

Migrafill Security Group’s security analysts are trained to research and detect vulnerabilities in your home or businesses’ security system. Through our consulting services, we discover and advise you on the best course of action to protect you. Allow Migrafill Security Group to provide you with a detailed and comprehensive home or business security plan, incorporating a variety of security services tailor made to your needs.

Unique Security Services

Migrafill offers a wide array of security-related services to our clients throughout the country. Our experienced staff specializes in many fields. The properly trained individual is always partnered with the appropriate mission.​

Our extensive background in surveillance, criminal investigations, and undercover operations have proved invaluable in court proceedings including tenant eviction.