Our Team

Great work requires great people, and we think Migrafill’s are among the best. Our group was established by security minded professionals with years of experience in the security or security related field. The Migrafill team is a tightly-knit, talented group of professionals with the shared vision of delivering consistently effective outcomes.

Executive Team

Grafton O. Ifill Sr., KPM, C.D.



Grantley E. Ifill, BSc., MSc., J.P



Michelle O. Ifill-Bain, B.A., MBA

Vice-President, Administration


We know more than anyone that no company can succeed without dedicated and trusted team leads and employees who are vested in the success of your security plan.  Migrafill has a team that is driven by quality, efficiency, and dedication to seeing your solutions to the end.

Our Team Leads

Theora V. Wilson

Executive Assistant
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (242) 603-5101

Theora Wilson serves as the Executive Assistant to the President/CEO at Migrafill Security Group, is directly responsible for billings, payables, and customer account reconciliations, and is the administrative liaison for special projects. With over eleven years of experience in office management, supervision, and administration. Theora provides confidential support to the President to ensure compliance with company objectives. She is the point person for clients, vendors, and other business representatives.

Theora began her career with Migrafill in 2011 after functioning as an Assistant Manager in a large retail outlet with multiple locations throughout the island.

She enjoys the challenges that come with daily operations and is adept at wearing many hats and managing multiple stressors.

John A. Pinder

Technical Support Services
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (242) 603-5103

John A. Pinder functions as the Technical Supervisor of the group and has oversight and responsibility for all things technical, new projects, and system maintenance. His expertise and exposure within the technical field are extensive, having been in the security industry for more than twenty-seven years.

To survive in the industry one must be flexible, reliable, and adaptable to the varying and dynamic security environments. This is not only the mantra he lives by but one he infuses in his technical teams within the jurisdictions we serve.

John’s talents are versatile with industry certifications in Video Surveillance solutions, Intrusion Detection solutions, Access Control, Gate & Intercom Systems more specifically.

Lashonda R. Smith

Monitoring Center
Email: [email protected]
Phones: (242) 603-5110

Lashonda is responsible for supervising the day-to-day operations within Migrafill’s state-of-the-art monitoring center. The monitoring center serves our clients in the Bahamas and those jurisdictions out of the country. She is a motivated leader with strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

Lashonda has been with Migrafill for over 8 years having held positions from Operator Level I. During the tenure of her time with the company she has completed several monitoring centre-related training and is an industry-certified operator Level II.

Sarah J. Rolle

Freeport Office
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (242) 352-9835

Sarah joined the Migrafill Security Group on August 1st, 1988, as a security guard performing static guard duties at various locations in the Freeport, Grand Bahama office, including the Freeport Harbour as well as the Freeport International Airport. She received specialized training in aviation and maritime security duties during this time.

After spending several years as a security guard, Sarah was transferred to the Control Room which responsibilities as a Control Room Dispatch Operator. In May 2002, she was promoted to Administrative Assistant managing the daily business affairs and company real estate matters. She is proficient in general office procedures and bookkeeping.

Sarah Rolle-Robinson to date is the longest-serving employee with Migrafill and is a meaningful addition, to the Migrafill team.

Michael E. Telairin

Security Services
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (242) 356-2700

Michael Telairin serves as the security services coordinator at Migrafill Security International Limited. His responsibilities include in part, security guard management, alarm response team lead, executive protection team member, and special projects coordinator.

With over 25 years of experience in the security industry, Michael can address the most complex of client security concerns.

Michael holds an Associate of Science degree in Security Administration, is a Certified Protection Operator, and has received certificated training in bonded courier operations, hurricane preparedness and safety, workplace safety, first aid and firearm handling and safety.

In  the security industry, it's all about making good decisions on the right people and at the right time.  We're here to help you meet your objectives.