Grafton O. Ifill, Sr., KPM, C.D.

Grafton O. Ifill, Sr., KPM, C.D. is the founder and chairman of the Migrafill Security Group – one of the leading and most diverse Security Groups in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Grafton O. Ifill Sr. K.P.M. is a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, astute businessman, and a loyal and trusted citizen. He is the Founder and President of Migrafill Security International Ltd., a company formed by virtue of his strong desire to see the effective safeguarding of the private property and lives of Bahamian citizens.

As a former member of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, having served this country for some 41 years, Mr. Ifill is experienced in the law enforcement and security arenas. On May 9, 1956, he took the Oath of Office and spent 30 years in the regular force, retiring at the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police in 1986. In May of 1988, he was invited back to be the Commandant of the Police Reserves, a position he proudly held for 11 years, until he officially retired in February 1999.

Mr. Ifill held numerous substantial positions, in virtually every branch of the organization, during his tenure on the force. Some of these important assignments include Director of Special Branch/Security & Intelligence Branch (SIB), Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigation on Department (CID), Officer in Charge of New Providence District and Family Islands, Court Prosecutor, Commandant of the Police College, Head of Northern Region and Commandant of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Reserves. This extensive background provided Mr. Ifill with a wealth of knowledge and afforded him the opportunity to view the law and criminal justice system in its’ fullness and the strength of the force in its entirety.

Throughout his tenure on the force, Mr. Ifill was known to be one of those standout police officers who always took vital steps to ensure that the statute laws of the country were enforced, and justice prevailed. As a result of his dedication and exemplary service as a policeman, he was awarded the Long Service and Meritorious Police Medals as well as the Queen’s Police Medal (QPM).

Mr. Ifill received specialized training, both locally and internationally. He was selected to participate in extensive training courses in England with the renowned MI5 (Military Intelligence, Section 5), a top-notch security service in the United Kingdom responsible for the protection of British parliamentary democracy, economic interests, counterterrorism, counterespionage, and other internal security and intelligence matters. It is worthy to note that Mr. Ifill was also accepted into London University’s external law degree program.

Having sensed that there was a great need for a well-trained, technology sound and electronically equipped cadre of workers that could effectively protect the Bahamian community, Mr. Ifill launched Migrafill Security International Ltd. in June 1986.

This progressive company strives to remain competitive through continued use of the latest technology and training techniques, bringing its’ customers personalized, integrated, and timely solutions for every possible circumstance. Today, Migrafill is one of the Bahamas’ leading security service providers.

Grafton Ifill Sr. holds firm to the philosophy that, “In order to receive, one must first give” and has demonstrated this by his involvement in numerous charitable organizations in the community, having served as the Chairman of the Salvation Army board in Freeport, Grand Bahama since 1985 and a sponsor of the Bahamas Athletic Association of Athletic Associations. Mr. Ifill currently holds the esteemed position of President of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Retired Police Officers Association and is one of the founding members of the Police Dependents Trust. Spiritually grounded, he is an active member of the Anglican Church Men at Church of the Ascension in Freeport, Grand Bahama. He is married to Joyce Ifill and his three adult children all play an active role in various aspects of the business. Our President is the proud grandfather of seven and great-grandfather of one.