Offender Monitoring and Management

Law enforcement and corrections agencies in the Bahamas face an issue with the growing number of offenders entering the judicial system. Costs associated with incarceration places a significant strain on the entire system. Migrafill Security Group has had the unique advantage of being the longest-serving electronic monitoring service provider in the Bahamas and is the regional sales and monitoring partner for Track Group, Inc.

Offender Monitoring

As these numbers continue to increase, law enforcement agencies seek ways to monitor more offenders with limited resources. One of the best ways law enforcement can achieve significant time and cost savings is by using offender tracking technologies, also known as electronic monitoring (EM) tools, for tracking pretrial or repeat offenders without direct personal supervision or incarceration.

The use of Electronic Monitoring systems requires fewer resources than physical detention. Offender Monitoring using this technology frees up budget and law enforcement manpower, redirecting these resources for crime prevention and resolution. Through our monitoring center, we track participant activity and apply individual response treatment based on the court order issued for each participant.

Offender Monitoring Solutions Improve Efficiency and Cut Costs

Electronic monitoring (EM) is a way of supervising offenders in a community whilst they are on bail, (pre-trial), serving a community sentence (sentenced) or after release from prison (parole).

The Migrafill Monitoring Solutions and Track Group partnership, turn-key solutions are created, affording the law enforcement community the technology solutions to achieve this high level of supervision to cross section of low, medium or high-risk participants.

Work Release Solutions

We offer solutions that allow qualified offenders to leave their confinement and maintain employment engagements.

Pre-Trial / Bail

Our Monitoring Solutions help reduce the load on our prison system while keeping our communities safe.

Post Release

Keeping cominities safe sometimes requires on-going supervision while integrating back into society.

Hardware Solutions


One-piece GPS device with patented 3-way voice technology.
ReliAlert™XC4 is the only one-piece GPS device with patented 3-way voice communication to assist intervention efforts, now on the LTE network with increased battery life.

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Highly Cut Resistant Strap
SecureCuff™ helps address the critical “strap cut” issue so prevalent in juveniles and high-risk adult offenders. It significantly reduces the number of officer response hours attempting to locate offenders who have absconded and is not offered by any other manufacturer.

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RF Beacon
Since the ReliAlert device demonstrates such outstanding GPS performance, in most cases a beacon is not necessary and is only used if GPS reception has proven to be insufficient. If a location that an offender regularly visits, such as home or work, has insufficient GPS coverage, a beacon may be used to ensure location information via the beacon’s RF location reporting functionality.

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Software Solutions


Analytics is a suite of software applications used to analyze GPS tracking data. It performs the data analysis in minutes and provides a user-friendly interface to interact with the results. The software is currently in use by State and Local Police, Federal Police, Intelligence Organizations, and Militaries in the Western world. In addition to a broad user base, Track Group Analytics is also in the current Surveillance Training curriculum at the US DHS Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).

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Tracking focused software that is secure, scaleable, optimized. A device-agnostic platform that provides the foundation for seamlessly and securely connecting devices, delivering trusted data to the cloud, and value through analytics.

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InTouch is a smartphone monitoring and supervision application specifically designed for the Criminal Justice market to compliment traditional electronic monitoring solutions; offering a ‘step-up’/’step-down’ option for community supervised populations.

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Offender Monitoring - Best-in-Class Monitoring

Located in our state-of-the-art headquarters facility in Nassau, Bahamas, our Monitoring Center provides 24/7/365 monitoring and support to law enforcement across the Bahamas (or wherever our services are required). We are fully staffed by our highly trained electronic monitoring professionals, who are industry certified to provide professional participant monitoring and supervision.

Migrafill’s monitoring center provides enhanced participant alert monitoring and law enforcement tracking support 24 hours a day. Operators manage an electronic dashboard of program participant movement information in real time to complement automated alerts and notifications. Each alert is assessed according to court ordered rules. Migrafill operators verify violations and identify probable causes. Law enforcements are updated through emails, text messages and live operator calls.

Migrafill delivers advanced troubleshooting and incident escalation support. Our most experienced staff provide expert analysis and documentation of electronic monitoring activity. This is particularly valuable for legal proceedings or agency audits.

Standard Services

  • Monitor all alerts and violations in real time
  • Troubleshoot equipment and software issues
  • Assist users with all aspects of electronic monitoring
  • Diagnose problems
  • Update and maintain participant profiles in monitoring database
  • Available 24 hours a day by phone, and email
  • Advanced troubleshooting and technical support
  • Expert analysis and documentation of electronic monitoring activity with law enforcement
  • Special report generation
  • Maintain agency profile and notification procedures
  • Assist users with logins, passwords, new enrollments, and alert processing
  • Enter new equipment orders, process returns, allocate inventory and replace lost/damaged/stolen equipment

Electronic monitoring relieves the prison system of the costs of sending offenders awaiting trial to prison.

With the assurance of 24/7 electronic monitoring and geo-location tracking, law enforcement agencies have a viable alternative to pretrial incarceration, therefore preventing overcrowding.

Agencies can configure inclusion and exclusion zones, boundary zones, and time zones to limit and control offender movements throughout the Bahamas.

Migrafill Security Group uses the historical location data of each offender to provide crime scene correlation via the electronic monitoring platform.

Our experts examine monitoring data side by side with crime reports to determine if any persons of interest were in the vicinity at the time of the reported incident. This technology allows for the narrowing down of potential suspects. The data collected also allows our team to identify potential witnesses near the scene of the crime.

Constant monitoring of individuals allows law enforcement agencies the ability to determine if offenders are complying with court ordered in-home restrictions. Migrafill Security Group’s monitoring platform allows program officers to be notified when offenders are non-compliant with in-home times. This system makes it possible for agencies to expand the reach of their offender curfew programs while monitoring and enforcing curfews more effectively.