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Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring

You’re protected 24/7 365 Days a year


Migrafill’s Central242 is taking monitoring to the next level. Central242 will look after your security needs all day – everyday, offering you and enhanced level of security.

Our Monitoring Center monitors for:

fire Fire
fire Carbon Monoxide
fire Burglary
fire Medical Alert
fire Openings and Closings
fire Water pressure change
fire Gas leak
fire Sprinkler mishaps
fire Temperature changes


Advanced technology allows Migrafill’s Central242 to offer you an advance, more secure way to communicate replacing telephone connectivity using high-speed internet connection. Internet monitoring will allow you to  be in touch with Central242 instantaneously in the event of an emergency with the speed of the internet and the security of a supervised, secured connection just as if it were dialing in via a phone line.


Today’s savvy criminals go to great lengths to commit crimes. They are known to cut telephone lines before breaking and entering, and in some instances, you may have switched your telephone service and therefore your phone line may no longer be compatible with your current alarm system. If this is the case, it would be impossible for an activated alarm to notify the authorities. Remain ahead of the curve with on e of the several wireless solutions offered by Central242. The wireless solution is an effective back-up to traditional phone line which can drastically decrease your level of vulnerability to burglars.

Migrafill’s Central242 remains committed to keeping our clients up to date, providing the latest technologies as alarm communication technology continues to evolve. We can update your security alarm system and install one that uses the most current alarm technology transmission if you are still using unreliable Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). Older systems communicate via telephone lines only, but as cellular and digital communication have emerged and the internet has become increasingly more reliable, we encourage our clients to transition to use the Internet Protocol (IP) and Global Systems for Mobile (GSM) for alarm signal transmission.  What burglars can’t see, they can’t cut!


  • Eliminates need for dedicated phone lines
  • Multi-path redundancy in the system enhances reliability
  • Internet and Cellular technologies are less likely to have failures in harsh environments
  • Internet and cellular technologies communicate much faster than regular telephone transmission
  • Provides the ability to for interactive services allowing customers to receive alerts, text messages and updates regarding your system to any mobile device
  • Use of newer technologies keeps your system current and compatible with the ever changing telecommunications landscape.

Our experienced representatives are capable of assisting you in selecting the best possible package and transmission technologies.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about IP/GSM and other redundant alarm transmission solutions.

Monitored security is part of a winning formula

Start with quality in-home assessment and installation by skilled dealers in our authorized network, and add effective around-the-clock monitoring whenever you need it.

You’ll end up with peace of mind that you’ll share with other customers in The Bahamas, U.S., U.K., Barbados and Trinidad and Tabago. It’s protection that you won’t find on a shelf in a store